Infocus India Public School , a vision of Late. Debabrata Mukherjee, an eminent educationist, whose selfless zeal of aiming quality education for all, especially for the underprivileged, deprived and marginalized, has been striving to create a new global community of young learners in pursuit of knowledge with innate spirits of inquiry,reflective minds, sharing and caring hearts to reach the pinnacle of glorious world order.

Our school provides every student an opportunity to expand his or her dreams. Here,every student gets the chance to show his or her talents. The students have the liberty to experience the joy of learning. They learn to respect and be respected.The school helps to develop essential moral attributes like truthfulness, courtesy, generosity, compassion, justice, love and trustworthiness in them which in turn offers a better citizen to the society.

At Infocus India Public School we encourage students and parents to understand and embrace our mission prior to seeking admission to the school.